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  • Collette's California New Year's Getaway Featuring the Tournament of Roses Parade

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    Collette has definitely made an impression with our clients. Here is another review of the California New Year's Getaway with Collette Vacation, from Cate, which we greatly appreciate! Come on in or give us a call and let us help you create a vacation that you will enjoy as much as Cate and her mother did!

    "As you know, the Tournament of Roses Parade was on my mom’s bucket list, so we made the arrangements through Mark Twain Travel for a Collette tour which included tickets to the parade and other extras. My mom (78 years old!) and myself are both somewhat seasoned travelers but I had never “toured with a group” before and admit I was somewhat nervous about how it would all go – and I’m very glad that my fears were completely unfounded!

    Mom and I arranged our own flights (we wanted to fly first class) and our flight did not arrive in California when most of the rest of our tour group’s did – we got to the hotel at around 11 p.m., and our tour guide was still up and waiting for us! They greeted us at the hotel, and had our room keys ready for us so we just went to our room and fell into our beds. (That was when we first met our tour group leader, Molly – an incredible woman!)

    The next morning we were up early to go to the float construction viewing followed by BandFest. The busses were clean and always there if we wanted to get back on them, and the driver was very courteous and professional. My mom is not quite as mobile as she would like to be, and at the float viewing place, there were “white suits” with golf carts readily available to tote us around where we wanted to go. (We did not find them at BandFest, and mom was fine if a bit flustered and worn out by the end of the day).

    Breakfast and dinner were mostly included while we were there and the food was good, fresh, and plentiful. The New Year’s Eve Gala was a lot of fun.

    I mentioned my trepidation about touring with a group and it actually turned out to be quite a bit of fun! It was nice to get to meet so many people from all over the country who had travelled to do the same thing – there was only once when we were held up because an individual did not get back to the bus on time (THAT was part of my concern with group travel! – I’m very much used to coming and going on my own schedule) but that really was one person being extremely inconsiderate, and I can in no way hold that against Collette. The complete Collette tour group numbered over 300 and they broke us down into groups (roughly about how many fit onto each bus, I suppose) and our group leader was Molly. Molly was AWESOME! Fun and friendly, very knowledgeable about the whole trip and options and other things to do. (The other group leaders seemed equally cool, but I mostly dealt with Molly). I really liked the way she seemed to get to know each individual in our group, and made sure that everyone was very aware of what we were doing, when, how, etc.

    I really liked how the days were scheduled … there was enough time to explore on your own and for the instances when large crowds were inevitable (float viewing, the parade), it almost seemed like we had a friend on the inside – we were accommodated comfortably and with no fuss.

    Thanks for your help in arranging all of this – I’m sure that if we had tried to make similar arrangements on our own we would have not had such success."

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