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Joan Appel

         Traveling is a passion.  I developed mine at a young age when my parents would pack my sister, Sheri, and me into the back of our old Studebaker for sojourns that criss-crossed the United States.  As my sister and I aged, and my parents had more time and discretionary income, their trips became more elaborate and took them to places further a field.  Their stories, pictures (and the results of their shopping) nurtured the seed they had planted.  I luckily married a man, Bill Reilly, who has a great sense of adventure and a passion for food and wine that rivals the one I have for travel.   Thus, as a team, we set out to eat and drink our way around the world.  When we began traveling we used the services of Mark Twain Travel, then owned by Bob and Gloria Baker. We used Mark Twain Travel as the Baker’s and their staff were well traveled.  We liked the fact that when we spoke to them about a destination they could share information from personal experience, not from a brochure.   When the Bakers opted to retire they suggested that we turn our travel avocation into a vocation.  We did so in 1990.  Since that time we have tried to remain true to the model they started. It is our belief that people will feel more secure, confident and at ease if they plan a trip with someone that has personal travel knowledge and experience.  To this end, I would like to share Bill’s and my non North American travel resume. Each of our staff will “introduce” themselves separately and will share their own travel resumes*.  Although each of us will “introduce” ourselves individually, please know that we will work together with you as a team to insure that you get the best information and assistance. We look forward to sharing our experiences and to working with you as you develop your own special travel memories. 

*The Century Travel Club allows one to count as a country “visited” one that a person has “landed at or traveled through”.   Neither our staff nor we include those in our resumes. See below.


Lynette Saunders

      I have been a member of the Mark Twain Travel team since 2008.  I previously have worked in the bus charter business, chartering and hosting bus trips to casinos, NYC trips, as well as baseball games.  I also have worked in international sales, which is how I first began using Mark Twain Travel's services.


      My husband and I have been traveling for the past 36 years, taking vacations to Hawaii, Aruba, as well as cruising to the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, and Bermuda.  Our first cruise was in 1993 and from that date on, have cruised at least once a year, many times including our boys, who now have the cruise bug too.


      Most recently, since becoming a travel consultant, I have had the pleasure of visiting Punta Cana, Jamaica, Cancun, Las Vegas, and Ireland.  Since cruising is my first love, I have had the privilege of helping many people plan a fun and memorable cruise vacation.


Marge Dooty

    From the time I can remember, my grandparents had taken me on all their trips with them. The first that stuck in my memory, was the trip to Rhode Island.  It was awesome!  I was 13.  I remember going other places before this, but this was special. Driving along the road with the ocean right beside us, waves crashing up on the rocks and of course all the light houses. Too bad I didn’t like Lobster at the time!

    Once I graduated from High School and was married, we moved to Kansas. My husband was in the service at the time.  This was in the old days… (the late 60’s) and I remember having to look it up on the map. I knew it was out west but wasn’t quite sure where!  Ever since then I have lived in 7 States and have visited all but 12. I have traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and many countries in Europe.

    I started in the travel business in 1989 as a manager for a large Limousine Company near Lancaster Pennsylvania. I also drove, which got me out and about.  From there I went to work for a travel agency in the area and have been a travel consultant since 1993.

    My passion, I feel, is for Europe and have been to many countries and plan to visit more.… BUT, whoever I help, no matter where they want to go, or what they want to do, I enjoy putting it all together for them. Making sure they are taken care of from start to finish and beyond. Mark Twain Travel, being a full service agency, makes it easy for us to put together a person’s trip of a lifetime or just a short get away.  I love every minute of it. 

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